Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are a glucose gel which pulls water, this is what gives the gels their plumping effect. There are different gels available, each of different viscosities. We select a gel based on the area we are treating, whether replicating bone, or enhancing a gentle soft pout.

We use the worlds leading dermal filler brand and offer the complete range to our guests. All of our gels have a smooth consistency, helping to achieve a natural look and feel. Treatment areas include: cheeks, lips, smokers lines, corners of the mouth, smile lines, eyebrows, temples, chin, jawline & under the eyes.

At Dermal Love Aesthetics our approach to Dermal Fillers is that a person should be looking their best, with treatments that are age appropriate, look natural and not overdone. We want our clients to walk away looking refreshed, rejuvenated and most importantly feeling confident. After all there is nothing more sexier then confidence!